What is the name of this book?

I can only remember a basic plot outline…hopefully someone can help me remember the title.

Basic plot– So there is this kid, in a New York type setting. He lives there. One day he is walking down the street and I think he sees a face in the gutter. He later on investigates it and discovers old subway tunnels covered with old subway tokens and there ends up being a secret society living down there. I think he either has to join them that he found them or die at one part. There was one part about a bull running through the tunnels or something like that and he is saved by them I think.

That is all I can remember. I think I read this book in high school. Hopefully someone can help! Thanks.

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  • Downsiders by Neal Shusterman

    “The Downsiders which is located underneath New York City, is a secret community of over , people (either native-born or “fallers” from the surface) that are never allowed to travel to the Topside (the surface). Talon, a fourteen-year-old Downsider, is curious about the Topside; he travels to the Topside and meets a fourteen-year-old girl named Lindsay Matthias, who just moved to her father’s NYC townhouse after her mother went to Africa with her professor for three years to study the white rhino. Things get off to a rocky beginning, but they become friends. However, when Talon brings Lindsay to the Downside, the Wise Advisors (the Downside’s government) find out and sentence Talon to death by executing him in the pipe system. Talon survives; he winds up on Coney Island “under the boardwalk,” and has the time of his life, experiencing the “strange Topside rituals” for the first time.”

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  • a million. Mosquito Coast . Little adult men . Jo’s Boys . The Awakening . The Island (A South African paintings written via Athol Fugard) . well-being care expert Zhivago . The Crucible . Mansfield Park . Northanger Abbey . Tar toddler

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