Poll. What nationality are you ….?

I am German……Pennsylvania Dutch……….and Indian♥

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  • african american

  • Unless you are a citizen of Germany, your nationality is not one whit German. It might be part of your ancestral heritage but it is no way your nationality.

    Your nationality denotes where you were born and if you become a naturalized citizen then your nationality becomes that of that country. Now it is possible for a person to have dual citizenship.

    I had ancestors in this country before the Mayflower. The settlement at Jamestown Virginia was years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. I also had some ancestors who some say crossed an ice bridge from east Asia thousands of years ago and were here to greet St. Brendan, the Vikings, the English, the Spanish and the French. Still anyone who receives naturalization in a federal courthouse this week, their nationality is just as American as mine.

    In my ancestral heritage I am a Pedigree American Mutt.

    I see nothing wrong for a person to say, for instance, they are a German American. Some people don’t like that. However, I just feel they are showing pride in their heritage.

    If you have Pennsylvania Dutch, you have German heritage from that. Those German ancestors of yours were colonial Americans.

    I was born not to long after the great wave of immigration and people of old colonial stock called the children and grandchildren of those people as their nationality was German, Italian, Polish, Irish. They felt they weren’t quite as American as they were. Unfortunately, descendants of all those immigrants have mimiced them and have indicated they aren’t as American as those of old colonial stock.

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    Nationality and Ancestral Heritage is not the same thing.

  • / Polish, / Russian

  • I am a proud Canadian. My family dates back to to the Miq Mac Indians on my fathers side and Welsh on my mother’s side.. Therefore I am / Indian and the rest uniquely me.

  • Citizen of: Australia.

    Ancestry: Irish, English, German Jewish, Swedish, Scottish.

  • Cherokee, Irish and Anglo. I am only Anglo because the Cherokee were forced to assimilate.

    There is never a box, on any form, that fits who I am. I do not prefer the term Native American. My family existed here long before my people were called

    Indians” and long before this land was called America.

  • Dutch, English, Portuguese and Native American

  • / German, / Irish, / Russian

  • Brazilian

  • Nationality is American

    By Blood it is, Italian,German,English,and Polish.

  • English for at least years, with Irish paternal grand-mother.

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