Searching for who my biological father is, I was adopted?

My mother lived in golden colorado,and the agency said she was a little person,and when I found her she was already deceased. The adoption agency would only give me a small amount of information. They said my father has blue eyes, dark blond hair,northern europen,college student,ranch worker,fair skin,’ medium build, and was listed as from cheyenne wyoming,I was born in .

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  • It’s more efficient if you post ads on the internet and in the papers.

  • first your “question” is not a question it is a statement with a question added. second, you might want to submit the information to a site that deals with people searching for biological families.

    third Genealogy is the study of ancestral blood relationships, meaning most of the research is about people who have died.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher + years

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