T.H Family: What if Bill died?:(?

I have always wondered that and then today I came across this video…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgbwcHhzE

Yes its sad I cried 🙁 I wouldn’t know what I would if the love of my life died… I would feel so alone and empty inside….

Poll: What would you do/ feel like if Bill of Tom or Gustav or Georg died? ( you can say all of them or just one)


i couldn’t watch the whole thing either I watched minutes and I was all ready sobbing and couldn’t watch it anymore. I hope nothing like that would happen my world would be gone…

Update :

Sorry wrong category

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  • I don’t wanna watch the video *hides under chair*

    I avoid things like that.

    But if Bill (or any of them died) i’d first go into a state of shock….i would refuse to believe it & lock myself in my room. once i’d realise it had actually happen & that they were gone I’d cry for weeks, i’d withdraw myself from my friends more then i already do. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate in class, I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep, i’d refuse to eat & know one would know why i was upset because i hardly ever talk.. It’s kinda stupid because i don’t know them personally but my whole world would fall apart if one of them died.

    EDIT: i tried to watch the video….I got up to : …..As soon as Bill said this song is about us i started to cry :[

  • God )’:

    i hate those videos )’:

    i couldn’t even watch the entire thing.. i watched until when Tom was all “My brother died” & i felt like i was gonna cry.. so i had to stop watching.

    If the love of my life died.. i’d probably try to kill myself.. i hate to say it, but i would. =l

    Poll ; i’d be really, really sad.. i’d probably cry for days )’:

    i mean, it’s not like i really know them.. but i dunno..

    edit ; i’m still depressed =P & it’s been like hours.. stupid video.. what a way to ruin my day ): (not the person who posted this question, the video lol)

    @Alex.. woahh i didn’t know you were that deep lmao xD

    But i totally agree with everything you said(:

  • Aww! Thanks alot, i cry when anyone dies :*-(

    If Anyone in TH died i’d probably just be really upset for about a few days and get over it. But I would never COMPLETELY get over it cuz theyve helped me realize alot of things in life no one was brave enough to say. HONESTLY they saved my life. If i never heard what they had to say, I could possibly be dead right now. Remember Don’t jump? I was very depressed at that time. When I heard the song I understood that i had to keep going on and that NOTHING could beat me, depression cant win. So yeah. TH has saved my life and if they were gone… i dont know.

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    Haha sorry for it being so long :L This took me like minutes to write xD

    EDIT: remember when i thought Bill had cancer (he got real skinny) and cried for like days cuz i thought he was gonna die? Thats how i feel right now…. But whatever. lol now you guys know why i listen to them xD


    *covers eyes and refuses to watch beyond st minute of video!*


    My world would end and I would shatter into a million peices, very slowly as if someone were slowly carving their way to my soul with a sharp needle. Scratch that, my soul would be gone by the time I realized Bill was dead.

    Therefore, lets hope he never dies.

    Haha. <

  • I havent dared watch the video :'(

    I hope I die before then, before any of them die. My world would crack in half, and it would be like someone I knew really well just died — for any of them. They could not be TH without bill tom georg or gusti.

  • I didn’t get past seconds of it my eyes were like full of tears and I started sobbing I don’t want to think about it

    if any of them died I would be completely depressed…That band saved my life…

    Think we would never hear

    Gustav’s kick *** drums

    Georg’s loud amazing bass skills

    Bill’s beautiful brings-tears-to-your-eyes voice

    and Tom’s wicked guitar sound

    I would never feel the same about another band…It would kill me to hear news like that…


    and i was crying buckets… literally. UGHHHHH! :'(

    i completely agree with I♡BILLkaulitz<.

    i can’t live without hearing bill’s sweet voice singing “i am by your side” every day! their music helps me through soooo much!!! i would fcking die if any one of them died.

    damn, tom would feel horrible if bill died. they’re like one person, i don’t think they would be able to live without each other.

    gawd, now i’m crying again!!!! :'(

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  • Ohmygosh, I don’t even wanna think about it…D’= that’s way to sad. He’s a big part of my life…no wait, THEY are, the whole band. If something happened to them, I don’t know what I’d do…='(

    Oh a happier note, I’ve reached points! (I think at least ^^;)

  • don’t say that i couldn’t imagine what i would do if any of them died i almost cried when i heard that gustav had got hit by a tram. i’d hate to see what i would do if they actually died

  • Yeah I cried too! =( i was so sad!

    poll:If Tom died i would cry….I’d be so depressed and lost.i wouldn’t know what to do if my love died.It would make me cry if i think about it. I hope it never happens.

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