What is a free website for finding relatives addresses and phone numbers? Help me please?

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  • Classmates.com

    To email somebody you have to sign up & pay but you can check the names for free. If you find what your looking for then join the pay service or have somebody else that has the service email them for you.

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  • Backgrounds Check Website

  • well im in the same boat you are.i took it a step further and paid for the online NET DETECTIVE program,i paid bucks for the use of this program for years,and so far iv found several people from my past including some things i didnt want to know.BUT i still havnt found that one person,and to tell you the truth its driving me crazy,BUT the hole point in me answering this is to let you know.I WILL share my program with you and or anyone else that might be looking for that someone.My email addy is real for both yahoo and aol you can also im me,much better to email tho.if you do then we can pass info back N forth. pfft it would be no prob im a house wife and mother with nothing but time on my hands.and its CHRISMAS time,a time for shring. [email protected] or [email protected] Happy Hunting

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  • all major search engines have people searchs, and there free. You can also try www.whitepages.com

  • Try www.anywho.com.

    Just type in the name and location (if you know it), and they’ll give you pretty good information.

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