what do i owe in child support a month?

Me and my Ex just broke up months ago. I moved in my own apartment.

I work nights so she has our daughter after she gets off work pm until am the next morning and drops her off at my house.

I make about – Dollars more than her so not much more.

How much do I owe her in child support? Were aren’t going to court.

Antoher question she got the income check last year. and this year i think i should get it. she claims her. How does that work?

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  • I’ll tell you the same thing i told her last week when she posted her side of this story. She has the child for more than .% of the year then she is entitled to claim the child on the taxes, that is how the IRS works.

    Now, as for you paying her child support, yes since you make more even if you had the same amount of time with the child, you have to pay some child support.

    And I also said to her, that since you guys were never married that, unless you live in Arizona, you have ZERO rights to that child…NONE, until you go to court and get them from the state. It doesn’t sound fair, it took two people to make that child, but until you get rights to that child from the state, which will require a $ DNA test she has all of the rights in this relationship and if she wanted to up and move to Canada, or Italy she could, and you couldn’t do a thing to stop her unless you go to court and get your rights.

    I suggest you play nice with her until you can go to court, she holds all the cards right now, whether she knows it or not.

    Source(s): Some people on here don’t seem to understand the law. IRS law states who ever has the child more gets to claim them, if that means hour more a year then that is MORE. If you make more money, even if you have the child equal time, you pay child support.

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  • Both of you are buying a lot of trouble if you don’t go to court and have these things legally defined. Courts set the amount of child support. based on income. You could agree to some figure with her, but there will always be unusual expenses — say, if she needs braces — and then the fighting starts.

    There are also issues of visitation. How much time to you get to spend with your child? When? If she remarries, can the new husband adopt the child? Can she move to another state? etc. etc. Those are things the court decides.

    In the US, whichever parent paid for more than half of the child’s support gets to claim her as a dependent.

    But let me give you some personal advice: Don’t try to make this deal “fair.” She has a much harder job than you, raising the child.

  • tell the court you want / and since the ex works too,

    you pay nothing, and have your child on your medical /health coverage.

    and split the weekend you on sat. / the ex on sunday

    You have the child about hours per day,

    the ex hours per day/ including sleeping hours

    And share the decision making

    and ask if you both can have celebrate holidays together, as a family

    even with new spouses when / if they come along

    or alternate the holidays/

    or split the holidays in half equally

    don’t pay any money

  • u need to talk to a lawyer.. give the lawyer the amounts that you make.. u and her.. they will figure out the c/s formula for you since every state is different.. and they will give u a rough estimate of how much u need to be paying.. if u want to claim ur child, then u need to address that when custody/child support is determined usually when there is child involved they typically will allow the parents to take turns in claiming that child on their taxes.. unless your in the arrearages on child support in which case they will continue to give her the tax break.. so get with a lawyer they will give u the closest estimate.. then start paying her child support asap and keep a good record of proof of what you’ve paid.. always pay by check and keep the cashed checks.. if not child support wont give u credit and it will be considered a gift..

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  • Marco has a point. I would go to court so this is all legally defined. It is usually % of your income. It all depends on your state, court, judge.

  • she wakes up a child at am every day? who re u people? i hope someone will send child protection services on u. usually men pay -% of their salaries as child support

  • always go thru the courts.

    this way it is enforceable.

    it will be more than you want to pay..appx % of your gross pay,but,it is the only way to do it ,while having less problems in the future.

  • This is predicated by State law.

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