would you say that this is a decent idea/start for a novel?

I’m sorry this is quite long.

I am currently in the process of writing a book in my spare time, and I was wondering if anybody had any extra ideas for the story?

Basically, the story tells of an Englishman who moved to Michigan (US) to escape from something terrible that had happened, what happened is unclear from the start of the book. He works as a detective working in the homicide departement working with murder cases. He finds it extremely easy to thnik in the same mind-set as a murderer and solve all his cases with ease. He constantly has dreams of comitting murders back in Manchester, England. As the story progresses his dreams take over his life in Michigan and more of the book becomes based in his ‘dream world’ that is back in England. He loses his grip on reality and realises that he has no idea why he left England, or why he cannot remember life outside of Michigan. One night it appears that he just won’t wake up, it is then revealed that his ‘dream world’ is infact reality, and his life in Michigan was his way of getting away from the harsh reality that he was infact a murderer that had killed off his family and roamed the streets of the Manchester suburbs for weeks commiting various atrocities.

The first couple of paragraphs go as follows:

I awoke abruptly. I ran the back of my hand across my forehead to remove the cool beads of sweat that trickled down my face. Every morning seemed to have the exact same beginning to it. I would wake up in this state, facing the wall to my right. The time would be approximately :, AM, and I always have the exact same dream. Well, a dream that appears to carry on from the previous night’s. I threw back the duvet that had clung to me throughout my troubled night and scanned over my bed side table. As per usual, my badge was neatly placed upon my clock. I sat on the edge of my mattress for a few moments and stared out of my window. The rays of morning sunshine revealed the dust that floated around my bedroom. After I had examined my bedroom window in great detail, I stood up and snatched my badge from the table to my left. I stumbled across the room to my door. “God save the queen” I muttered as I passed the Union flag that I had pinned up against my wall the year before. I like to think of myself as a patriotic man; however the thought of my home country sends a shiver down the full length of my spine.

It was during my first coffee of the day that my telephone rang. For a brief moment I considered not picking it up, the thought of human interaction at this time of the morning was simply revolting. I pressed the telephone against my ear and pressed the button that had a small, green telephone printed onto it. A man with an extremely blatant Texan accent greeted me. “Hey there, Al. I think I got somethin’ ‘fer you. Y’know that case you been workin’ on? Well there’s-“

“Please, Chad, do me a favour and stop talking” I said mid-way through his sentence.

“I take it you aren’t feelin’ too great today, huh?”

“No.” I said as I hung up the phone and dropped it back onto the table. The loud clanging noise caused me to release a depressing groan. I left my coffee in the kitchen and ventured upstairs to get my clothes on for yet another day of work.

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  • I really like this a lot. The story idea is wonderful, reminds me of Inception at the end with the dreaming, but I love the twists you came up with. Although the first sentence, I don’t know, it didn’t really drag me into it, but then again it takes me a while to get into any book. I think you have a wonderful story you got there bro, and God bless!

  • you’re able to no longer pick to start your novel with the key character waking up. it rather is a cliche and particularly uninteresting start to a e book. possibly this could make a solid d financial disaster. First chapters could want initially a communicate or action scene that sucks you into the tale. additionally, I accept as true with the different answerer you suggested you’re able to desire to no longer write this in first individual. It in simple terms isn’t the style of tale that could desire to be written that way. I recommend third individual. the belief is robust, yet some re-working is mandatory.

  • You really have talent. I’m a little confused with the storyline but that may just be me. Keep going. Let that talent shine.

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