The job of the National Security Council is to?

A. advise the President about foreign


B. prepare the federal budget.

C. supervise the civil service.

D. advise the President about the nation’s


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  • D.…

  • Alright, you asked for spin so here it is. It sounds like these generals (and other vets and vet groups) don’t like war and soldiers being killed (contrary to what most people think about military personnel). And it also sounds like they don’t like foreign dependence on oil either. Foreign oil dependence means sometimes you have to fight for oil, sometimes oil money gets into the hands of terrorists and none of that is good for military personnel (among others, i.e. national security). Yes, they throw in the term climate change because they have to since that’s the primary reason for reducing carbon usage. But like I’ve said a thousand times, some people like the idea of carbon reduction regardless if the global temperatures go up, down or sideways. These guys like the idea of not giving trillions of dollars to Middle East countries (and the negative repercussions that go along with that). Actually, that’s a pretty good point. If anyone reads that article as support for the science of CO causing disasterous warming, then they are better at spinning than I. Yes, that’s entirely my point of view and entirely speculation. I have my grandfather who was killed in WWII to thank for allowing me to live in a society where I can openly speculate without fear of arrest or worse. Edit: I’ll have to do some digging into the Trueman National Security Project. My initial impression is that they are a Liberal front group. (yes, speculation again, give me some time.)

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