What is a strong, female personality for a character?

What kinds of traits would make her strong yet still a little vulerable emotionally wise and like a young woman, which is what she is.

Also, if you have any specific characteristics of any kind that you like, please share!


I’m attempting to write an anti hero story 🙂

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  • “Strong” is such a broad term. In this sense, there are several types of “strong” personalities, depending on how you interpret it. By strong are you looking for a good or bad character? Because “strength” can apply to both.

    Here are some personality traits associated with strength, depending on interpretation:

    ) Strong willed: this type is pretty self explanatory and is typically portrayed in a favorable light. (Refusal to give up, for example)

    ) Strong minded: Could be either good or bad. Could refer to stubborn refusal to conform, could refer to imposing, even aggressive passion in their beliefs, could refer literally to their heightened intellect, or it could have more negative connotations that refer to the person’s bigoted views.

    ) Physically strong: Self explanatory

    ) Resilient: Ability to bounce back from oppression/challenges/obstacles. Or it could refer to a person’s flexibility and adaptability. Some people might consider an adaptable person who compromises to be weak and conforming.. a “mouse” of a person, for instance, but it takes a lot of resilience and self assurance/determination to swallow one’s pride and adapt to the situation at hand. Or it could have even more negative connotation and refer to the unconquerable strength of someone.

    ) Political strength: This swings both ways..both negative and positive. Someone could have a strong influence over a mass of individuals and either be a martyr or a tyrant. Similarly, political strength may mean the ability to exert power and to maintain status quo or to corrupt. Or it could refer to the ability to stimulate others to act in a way that is productive and good. This may also go beyond someone’s social status and may refer to their legislative strength..their ability to govern others.

    ) Economic strength: Refers to wealth. On the one hand, if you’re wealthy, you have more ability to harm or help individuals..on the other hand, if you’re impoverished, you have the ability to burden or not impose at all. Depends on how you portray it but a person’s financial means is a symbol of their strength on one level of the “power paradigm.”

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    ) Piety: Could refer to a person’s stout religious devotion/allegiance, or it could have negative connotations and refer to someone’s impressionability and superstition.

    ) Confidence: Could refer to one’s courage or it could refer to one’s reckless tenacity…depending on how you look at it. You could also interpret this to mean someone’s persona and how they carry themselves or view themselves.

    ) Stamina: Ability to endure or adamant insistence

    ) Assertive: Dominating or forthcoming, depending on interpretation

    ) Dexterity: Could refer to a mastery of skillsets or it could refer to cunning

    So, it depends on how you interpret strength. A strong female character could be a tyrant/villain or a hero, a janitor or a CEO, a body builder or a dweeb. It all depends on how you show their qualities as strengths.

  • Someone that is strong and emotionally wise but still young is someone that would probably have struggled with a hardship very early in her years.

    Maybe she was raped as a child, or something like that. A hardship would definitely force her to “wise” up early on. So give her a troubled past, that would make her strong and still vulnerable.

    You could also give her an independent personality. Someone that has struggled a hardship involving her parents may have issues with intimacy or relationships. Maybe she has sex all the time with no commitments. And maybe she can’t bring herself to have a commitment. That would make an easy confrontation later on in the book.

    Those are just some ideas. I hope they help, good luck 🙂

  • Of course an underdog is always good, so maybe someone who is small, kinda shy but still strong in her beliefs, a good character trait would probably b quickness, smart, and sneaky. Haha this is about all I can write on my iPod but good luck with your book or what ever ur writing 🙂

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  • In Japan one such charecter is called a Tsundere. They are usually women who are hard as nails but have soft spots for the ones they love.

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