What would our ancestors really be thinking if they were alive today?

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  • they would be surprised by the technology and how its grown but would be horrified by how bad and corrupt the world is getting to with pollution and wars and global warming rising.

  • I think that in many respects, our ancestors would be quite impressed with how far technology has come and the advances that have been made in medicine and things of that nature.

    I know that my ancestors would be very disappointed in several respects though. I know that they would be disappointed in the way that GOD is being run out of our society. Their lives revolved around the church as did most of their friends. They didn’t have people telling them that they couldn’t pray or hang a religious symbol if they wanted too.

    Second, I believe that they would think that todays children are absolutely spoiled. When many of them were children, they had to go help daddy in the fields or mama in the kitchen. They couldn’t stay in an air conditioned house and play video games. They might have had a couple of toys, but never anything close to what our kids have.

    Finally, I think the “political correctness” of our society would have drove them crazy. My grandfather once said, “I consider myself to be very open minded; however, some people are so open minded that their brains have fallen out!”

  • If our ancestors suddenly appeared I think they would of course be surprised by technology, but quite quickly they would realise that people haven’t changed at all.

    I always thought that folks from the Victorian age and before were horribly moral- when you start researching you will find a lot of kids born out of wedlock or born only a couple of months after marriage.

    I think they would be thinking pretty much whatever it is that we are thinking, it takes more than a few generations to change the heart of man.

  • One of my ancestors would have thought, I might just go for a walk around town and do some window shopping. Instead on August th she went to watch a “PUBLIC HANGING” in Nottingham city centre, of a man that had murdered his wife and three children in a drunken rage, there were so many people there to watch him hang from the “gallows”, poor “Millicent Shaw” was trampled to death along with twelve others. She was years old.

    I think they would be amazed that there is treatments for just about every ailment/ illness known to man, and that in this day and age you have to “divorce” between marriages.

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  • Hey,

    It would hilarious. Our ancesters were such adorable and respectful people with great moral values. They wouldn’t tolerate those youngsters with their nasty and profane language with absolute senselssness in dressing.

    Girls have turned to sassy girls and tomboys. What they need is merely cash.

    Boys are fully into some srt of addicting games.

    We must thank Almighty the luxuries instead of misusing them.

    First and formost- learn to sow and reap love.

    Be the role -models of tomorrow.

    Then our ancestors would seem proud of us.


  • What is the rush all about? Why is everyone in such a hurry all the time. In my day, people knew how to take their time and really live life. We also knew what was really important. Life was simple. Children knew how to behave and communities looked out for each other. Lilfe was so much better back then.

  • they would be ashamed, and disappointed. they would look down on us for the way we dress, behave, and talk. the music that some of the people listen to is not something they would be proud of and the way that women get portrayed would not help to make them think better of us.

  • it extremely is theory that first people developed from their primitive type to stroll on legs as they moved out their jungle living house into the swans of the basin of river Congo. Their erectile physique posture replace into to handle the could look farther into land to look for nutrients and to look out for predators. it extremely isn’t nicely-referred to as while and why early people migrated from the African continent to roam the remainder of the international, yet it extremely is unquestionably-known because of the fact the actuality that there replace into an ice age approximately years in the past that brought about them to dwindle of their numbers. it extremely is likewise know because of the fact the actuality the most of the individuals have been in actuality trapped around the Tibetan Plato in a valley surrounded through mountains of iron – as iron mines of eastern Siberian region as we talk. And while the ice began to soften they stumbled at using iron, to make weapons and device for agriculture, and mastered hours using. There are sparkling and intimately descriptive bills, handed on all the way down to us from generations to era, as approximately their actual gains life type, and nature, and additionally approximately the place they went while they as quickly as left their icy enclosure. it is declared the various of their tribes headed for Asia Minor and got here areas as a approaches are present day-day Hungary and Austria. there is no could point out that they have got been the ancestors Gangues Khan, Tamburlaine (Tamur) and Moguls emperors of India. the classic Mongol tribes are additionally know in the holy Bible because of the fact the tribe Gogg ho could wreck the wall between them and the remainder of the international throughout the nighttime, the wall that yet another tribe, Magog, could placed up another time throughout the day, because of the fact the great wall of china the exists in the north of China from Beijing to a approaches western chinese language territories.

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  • Definatelly happy with the inventions but very disappointed with the way we utilize them

  • If they were U.S. ancestors, they would wonder what the h@ll we have done to their Constitution.

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