Nascar Nation… ?

You is your favorite non-Hendrick crew chief? Today we will honor… tom p Enjoy your day and don’t forget to email me with your choice of best answer! πŸ™‚ 34 βœ… Answers ? Favorite Answer Kevin Bono Manion and Doug Randolph EGR Employees Tom p Congrats! 30 lol is it non-hendrick because the popular answer … Read more

What science is related to F1 racing?

What science would a F1 racing driver need to know learn when he grew up? For example, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, maths etc. (Think what Lewis Hamilton may have studied?) Please list all that’s relevant, as well as classroom sciences. 2 βœ… Answers ? Favorite Answer Physics, chemistry, and engineering 00 You dont need to … Read more

who is ur favorite nascar driver?

48 βœ… Answers ? Favorite Answer Kurt Busch 77 I really never really watched any type of car racing at all, but all of a sudden for several years now , I got hooked on it, Dale Jr. is my favorite and also not because of his Father got more interested after his Father tragic … Read more

If you could own any NASCAR race car that has ever been raced, which one would it be?

anyone that has EVER been race in the past in any NASCAR event. Me watching Barrett Jackson (as I always do when its on) 2 weeks ago in Vegas and seeing a lot of the truck boys there prompted this question.… 27 βœ… Answers ? Favorite Answer Richard Petty’s Super Bird. It’s a true … Read more

If you were to drive a NASCAR racecar?

what would your car make, number and sponsor be? which series’ would you run in? i’d drive the #56 Ford, Greyhound woudl probably be my sponsor and i’d run in the Cup, Nationwide and Truck series (all for points, i’d try to win the titles in all three) 6 βœ… Answers ? Favorite Answer I’ve … Read more

Any way to watch F1 races live online?

We don’t have the TV channel to watch the F1 races on tv, is there any way to watch them online? Preferably for free but I’m willing to pay a little. 2 βœ… Answers ? Favorite Answer http[colon]//www[dot]vipboxsports[dot]me/ remove the square brackets + the word inside of them and instead put the real symbol and … Read more