Bird keeps tapping on the Window?

This is Strange… A small Bird about the size of a Sparrow (Light Gray with Dark Gray Neck) Fly’s in and taps on the Windows about 3 times a Day? This has been happening over a Week Now…Any Ideas? 4 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer Sounds like he sees his reflection in the window. He … Read more

about my nesrt box in my garden?

how do I no if blue **** r nesting in my box they always fly I but I haven’t seen them today 1 Answer 🥇 Favorite Answer They may have finished building a nest and are sitting on eggs, just keep watching because if they have eggs the male will bring food to the female, … Read more

I found a baby robin?

I recently found a young robin in my garage, with feathers grown in, I located the nest and put it back in, however it jumped out straight away. It can not fly yet, yet it is able to hop around rather quickly,and the parents are around it, and feeding it I believe. Will it be … Read more

Attracting blue **** etc?

Im wanting to attract some more birds, especially the blue tit, such as blue ****, goldfinches, greenfinches, robins etc.. At the moment I am only getting mainly sparrows, starlings, blackbird and pigeon. I want to attract some more birds and i really like the colour of these birds i named at the start. An answer … Read more

how to whistle, help?

i want to know how to whistle with 2 finger , (pointer and thumb or middle and pointer , both} 2 ✅ Answers 🥇 Favorite Answer The role of fingers is to keep the lips in place over the teeth. Experiment with the following combinations to discover which works best for you, depending on the … Read more